I’ve always enjoyed traveling and the recharge that it often seems to bring to one's soul. Destinations in the USA like the 4 corners region of the American Southwest – New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah along with Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast - these places always bring joy, a sense wonder and amazement when I return. I haven’t travelled much internationally yet, but hope to make journeys to Italy, Spain, and Hong Kong in the future.

The goal was to sell quality travel products that I would be proud to use myself, sell to friends, family and others. These days, in addition to the TSA 3-1-1 rule for travel, the clear zippered bags are often required in schools, sporting or stadium events, as well as workplaces like correctional facilities where security is a concern.

Thanks to all our friends and customers for their continued encouragement and support! I stand behind our products and promise to make things right if there's ever a problem.

Randall Lyhus, Founder, Owner of Keokee Travel Gear