Leaky Travel Bottles, Creativity and Business Ideas

Leaky Travel Bottles, Creativity and Business Ideas

Thought I'd share a few thoughts about our first product. Most everyone knows that it's ideal to have a product that will solve a problem and do something no other product does. That was my thinking with offering Keokee Travel Bottles with TravelSeals. So, I read reviews on Amazon where people were complaining about leaky travel bottles. I started thinking - is that a problem that could be solved?

The technique I used for coming up with the product idea works for a lot of things like naming companies, writing songs, or inventing things.

Here's the basic technique -

1) Identify the problem you'd like to solve.

2) Collect imagery and text related to the problem via Google and online research, then print it out. I think you'll find imagery often suggests ideas you may not have considered. You know... the whole a picture is worth a thousand words thing.

3) After you've assembled the imagery and text, don't think about the problem any further and sleep on it - or if you're under a time crunch, take a walk or another activity to get away from the problem.

4) Brainstorm and free associate using your imagery/research. After letting the imagery and ideas settle in your brain for a little while, it's easier to come up with fresh ideas. This is roughly the concept outlined in the book Lateral Thinking by Dr. Edward DeBono.

I believe what happens is your sub conscious goes to work after you've input the data, and sets one up for an "aha" moment.